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happy end of July...       7.31.09
text of email sent to esteemed pal Eldee mid afternoon today:
there's a joke in here somewhere...

then, some minutes later,
reply from the clever girl herowndarnedself

A hah hah hah

have a happi weekend katz und kitteez...

august's right around the corner...       7.30.09
and while yourstruly has had plenty to share with ye, motivation
(more accurately the lack of) remains the primary issue.
Caught an interview with Elvis Costello on the PBS news hour last evening, related link here. Guess me better seek out that new album o' his. Favorite album that has been revisited here recently, really enjoying getting familiar with it all over again, Raising Sand, the collaboration betwixt Allison Krause and Robert Plant. From the first track to the last, one fine production by T. Bone Burnett. Possibly my favorite track (might be a toss up btwn this one and Fortune Teller) in a youtube-y format here

now this is what i'm talkin' about...       7.23.09
via the wonder that is WFMU's Beware of the Blog, Richard the Great.
and next here, something decadently delicious that yourstuly fully intends to try his hand at;
more about our monkey-wiring and fascination with acquisition of knowing;
and, related in some indirect manner, something about our shared propensity for self-gratification;
wrapping up this morn's activity here with this LA Times item, more self gratification opportunities...

happy news from the northern realms...       7.21.09
the arrival of Lightning, humans rejoice!

the weekend approacheth...       7.17.09
ye can imagine my moment of dismay this morning when, after waking from pleasant dream
(unlike the horrific one experienced by pal Stumpy D.) yourstruly realized it was Friday and another workday loomed ahead, instead of it being Saturday, as one had imagined moments earlier, preparing oneself post-dream state to return to slumber and sleep in later than usual,
under cool and cloudy bay area skies. Confound it all!
so, jessferdahalibut, as we are given to saying around here, something for you which happens
to be a much loved melody in the life of el chango tonto, Mason Williams, Be Here Now.

jah, vay later, as previously proffered...       7.14.09
is a mystery why yourstruly is experiencing tremendous lack of inertia, this inability (unwillingness?)
to get out of this goddamned rut and say something, write something, DO something. egads...
reading article about old dog Andrew Sarris (courtesy the NYT) had us reminiscing about reading the Village Voice in the days Way-Pre-Interweb, when one would purchase the damned paper, when it was truly another paper altogether in comparison to what it has become of late.
Anybuddy out there remember Vladimir Estragon?
in light of some of those memories, cannot adequately express to you the shock of realization when listening to NPR story about 20th anniversary of Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing. Still have very vivid memories of watching that film for the first time, that opening sequence with a young Rosie Perez (ooh la la!) shadow boxing/dancing, the shower scenes on a hot Bed-Stuy afternoon, Ossie Davis' line to Ruby Dee "I didn't know you had such beautiful hair..." goddamn, brother, tell us the trute now, was it really and truly twenty years ago?
can't recall what it was at this moment, but something similiar occured recently when overhearing news about the 30th anniversary of some other cultural touchstone, and likely mine inability to recall the specifics has to do with mind reeling from the shock, again, THIRTY FECKIN' YEARS? shite...
yo, lighten up dude, you're still a young man...

jessferdahalibut...       7.9.09
from the ghost of Riley Dog,
If you ever find yourself in the Ninth Level of Hell (aka Florida),
you should probably just kill yourself

okay, here we're going to mention two books we are adding to our summer reading list (which we'll likely get to in summer of 2011, the way we're going); first, courtesy the NYT, How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science, then this next one, with a decidedly left coast bent, via the LA Times, Golden Dreams: California in an Age of Abundance 1950-1963.

more later (maybe WAY later), we promise...

hope that your weekend passed as pleasantly...       7.7.09
yummy coffee on San Pablo Ave in Richmond, CA. as the one yourstruly experienced. Wonderful dinner and get-together at Dawn and Mark's place up in the hills, good company and that killer view of the bay, the fog not a major factor in our enjoyment of watching the fireworks displays. Sunday was another good day, with a nice, long mid-morning walk around the Albany Bulb w/new friend, then the afternoon spent in company of amigos Janey & Phil, he bringing along his guitar and gear, all of us in the living room making a joyful noise, tri-tip and corn on the grill for lovely yummy dinner late in the afternoon, with leftover lemon tart provided by Dawn for our dessert. A record of our caterwauling was made by Phil utilizing new compact recording gadget and you know that yourstruly likely to share some of those noisier moments with you as soon as P.B. makes them available. Haven't yet mentioned finally visiting Catahoula Coffee in Richmond and meeting Timber, getting firsthand introduction to the method behind his madness. Thinking now of breaking out of our decades long Peet's habit and next time around here will endeavor to introduce you to the wonders of the air press.

post our very lengthy (and how!) hiatus,
the resurrected carcass of june's d'monkey can be viewed here

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